Now Offering Auriculotherapy

What is Auriculotherapy?

Often described as reflexology for the ear, there are hundreds of points on the ear that are believed to represent a microsystem of the whole body, with points for areas both physical and emotional.

The stimulation of these points is known as Auriculotherapy. 

Ear seeds stimulate those points naturally and non-invasively.

How does it work?


Small black seeds from the vaccaria plant or metal pellets are secured on the ear with a piece of adhesive tape over specific acupressure points. The continuous mild pressure they exert is amplified by stimulating the seed with a few seconds of fingertip massage every few hours.

Domino Magazine

“It’s possible this is the first time you’re
hearing of them too, but not for long, as
they’re about to be everywhere in 2019.”


“Proponents believe that ear seeds can 
reduce headaches and back pain, as well as
treat addiction and prevent cravings
(it’s sometimes used as weight-loss tool, too).”




Hot Stone 

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