Vibe with Us

Raise the Vibration, elevate the Frequencies and feel the Energy

‚ÄčOur Mission Statement + Vision Statement =

 Vibration, Frequency and Energy

Multifaceted Healing LLC strives for us all to re-connect, re-vitalize and re-balance our energy bodies to become whole and one once more.
The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body are all interconnected in an energetic field.  With our many modalities we restore your quality of life through these techniques while utilizing vibration, frequency and energy. 
Throughout our lives we have been taught that we are physical beings but what was left out of these teachings was that we are also very much energetic beings and not just us but Mother Earth and all upon her is as well. Mother Earth vibrates with a consistent electromagnetic waves that inhabit the space above and below called the Schumann resonance. This vibrational wave circles the globe that surrounds the Earth like a big hug! These frequencies are very real and very measurable at 7.83Hz the same frequency of OM which helps aid in meditation among many other healings. As we all live in this energetic world, we invite you to join us on this journey asMultifaceted Healing LLC takes you to an energetic and vibrational level of health and wellbeing.